Methods of penis enlargement

There are many different methods of penis enlargement including pills, exercises, pumps, surgery and extenders. We will take a glance at the lot of them here and give our views with them including how well we think these works.

Penis Pump

Pumps: Pumps are well known and 1 of the less expensive methods of penis enlargement. They should be a 1 off cost because unless a part breaks down on it then you can go on using it for as much time as required. The one part that may need replacing is the sleeves which are very inexpensive anyway.

Some claim pumps work but in our views any growth gains are temporary and there can be some risks associated with it. The donut effect is where you end up with a pile of fluid causing a fatty lump just behind the penis head. Also possible is burst blood vessels in the penis caused by too much pressure. Usually this isn’t our best rated method of penis enlargement.

Surgery: Surgery is the most costly and possibly the most dangerous method to reach a bigger penis. There have been many images of surgery gone badly leaving to a deformed penis. There is also a question as to how much penis gains you can achieve from surgery on it’s own as you are required to wear a penis extender for a long time after. Reports have come in about how many people after refusing to use the extender have only gained only half an inch.

Pills: There are now many different pills available that say they can help you gain so many inches. Now we can say that sometimes pills help if used alongside other methods but have not seen proof that these will work on their own. Penis pills help to keep blood in the penis and if used with other methods they probably can help.


Exercise: The most famous and most used exercises are known as Jelqs. Jelqs are exercises which forces blood along the penis, loads more than is usual and this extends the penis. This helps keep the penis thicker for long after the exercises have ceased. Jelqing is a good method and should actually work on its own though not so well.

Jelqing though can aid in the last method of enlargement as do pills. The final method is the most effective one and most likely to work on its own or with other methods. Exercises and pills will speed this up a lot.


Penis Extender

Extenders: These are by far the most famous and most effective method to grow your penis. These work by stretching the penis past its limits and holding it there as the cells heal. The penis then heals itself using more cells to occupy the extra size and this makes the penis bigger.

If you use exercises alongside penis extenders then the cells will be broken down and when they rebuild in the extended state there will be more cells broken down and more needed to repair the extended penis. This method works great and will increase your gains. By itself or with other methods the extender will get you more gains faster than any other enlargement method.

How Penis Stretchers Work


Penis StretchAll of the stretchers work in the same way. They extend the penis to further than it’s normal limits which breaks down the cells in your penis. The penis then creates new cells to replace the broken ones and if the penis is enlarged at this period then you will get more cells in place them.

The picture underneath shows a picture of a penis and names which parts are which but if you stay with the basis that the bigger your penis is as it is repairing cells the more cells will be created to replace them thus making it larger. This, of course happens over time. Just because you extend your 6 inch penis 8 inches and leave it there over a few hours doesn’t mean you will receive and maintain an 8 inch penis.

You will see from the picture the penis is composed of many but the spongy ones are what you need to concentrate on, once these are larger then all of the penis is larger. By the way, I said above that you would not receive an 8 inch penis from leaving it stretched over a few hours. I do believe if you managed to have a couple of months in this stretched state without break that you would receive an 8 inch penis.

As it is these stretchers do need to come off for a while each time to allow blood flow and to go to the toilet etc and most advise against nightly use. Of course work could interfere for many people too. The more you use stretchers though the faster you will gain as long as you use it correctly.

Many of these stretchers have noose fittings which have to be removed every hour or so whilst some use a comfort strap which allows more wear time. Some have tension bars while others you just extend as much as possible. Depending on the make will leave you different lengths of wear time, the more the better and faster gains.

What Gains Can I Make?

penis gainsThe big question for most people before they pay what is obviously quite a lot of cash is what will they gain from these penis extenders. The answer depends on a lot of things, here is no point buying one if you are one of those people who will try anything for one week then give up without seeing immediate results. I can say now this will take a few months to see the results you need, not weeks.

Many of these penis extenders will give you about a third extra length and about a third in girth. I say most because some say 2 inches and so on but they also say up to this much gain. The reason for that is many people will give up quickly because it does not appear much. If you can imagine gaining 2 inches over six months then that is the equivalent of a third of an inch every month.

This seems very little and is even hard to see without a ruler. I think the best example is if you see your child daily then over a year you can hardly see him or her growing but if a distant relative or friend sees them after a year they cannot believe how much they will have grown. The fact is you will make the full 2 inches over six months if they say you will and you stick to the plan they give you.

Like I stated though most say you will gain a third, this means someone starting with six inches will gain 2 inches but someone with more could well gain extra than the 2 inches. People with a four inch penis though will be lucky to gain the full 2 inches though it is likely if you keep wearing the extenders.

These figures they provide are only valid if you stick to the schedule for the full six months though but that goes both ways. If you carry on wearing the extenders after the six months you will of course keep gaining. Most of these extenders though need you to build up the time that you wear them for so there will come a time when you cannot increase the time any more.


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Preventing Premature Ejaculation

Preventing premature ejaculation is not always as easy as it sounds. Even before a big date where you know things might happen, the very thought of too-fast sex can be enough to send you into a flat spin. It’s true that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to sex you need to start making a game plan if you are not lasting long enough.

Preventing premature ejaculation

I’ve already covered a lot of the products and techniques available for preventing premature ejaculation, but here are 3 ideas that you can take with you to the big night, ejaculation guru reviews. Being prepared is really key.

Protection with a difference

We all know that condoms can desensitize you and make you last longer in bed. The problem is that its not always that effective and will probably only help a little. Lidocaine jelly is one of the most effective ways to desensitize you, but the truth is that it can easily rub off on your partner and desensitize her as well. So, what’s the solution then? Do both! Apply the lidocaine jelly AND use a condom. This is a potent combination and quite safe for both of you.

Sensual Awareness

I know this sounds a bit girly, but it’s really the crux of it all. Women can have sex for much longer because they are by nature more in touch with their bodies. As men we often just dive in there and we become over excited – racing towards an orgasm. You need to learn to control your arousal since this will help you pace yourself better. When you become too aroused you will almost certainly ejaculate too soon.

One of the best ways to get your arousal under control is simply to start focusing on your own body before and during sex. By looking at her too much and allowing her naked body to send you into overdrive is enough to make any guy explode.

Mental Distraction

This is probably the most under rated technique and maybe it’s because very talks about it (although no one really uses it). It’s a simple fact that when you break your focus your mind “resets”. There are countless examples of that but have you ever had sex when the phone rang? Or when there was a knock at the door? Immediately your focus changes and the mood drops instantaneously. Well, if you can learn to do this in your mind you can “reset” yourself all night long. I suggest you find something that’s very vivid in your mind that’s a massive turnoff for you – and have it close by in your mind. Focusing on this when y have to will help you reset the mood in your mind.

Stop Premature Ejaculation Creams

Ejaculation CreamThere are different remedies to stop premature ejaculation that you might want to give a shot if you are unhappy with how your sex life has been doing. The use of creams is one of the most usual treatment options. When you are searching for the best cream that is formulated to address ejaculatory problems, you should make sure at all times that the one that you select will deliver you with the outcome that you desire to enhance your performance in terms of sex without having the risk of any adverse effects.

For a long time, creams for premature ejaculation have been presented in the market. However, it is only recently that majority of them have worked in such a way to primarily anesthetize the penis. This enables one to last longer for the entire duration of sexual intercourse, however, it also lessens the quality of enjoyment that one can get from these experiences. This often results to unsatisfied partners. Obviously, these creams that are formulated to stop premature ejaculation will have to ask you to do some huge sacrifices just to prolong the time of your erection.

In the market, there are some creams that still utilize numbing agents. Fortunately, there are also better selections to choose from. There are some creams available nowadays that do not contain numbing substances so you can take pleasure in your experience sexually without having to be anxious that you will be unable to perform very well. These creams most of the time contain calmosensine, as well as peptide 171 which both work to enhance the hardness of erection and performance minus the numbing effect on the penis or on your partner. The penis can easily absorb these creams rapidly that it will never rub off on your partner. Through this, it is more likely for you and your partner to enjoy sexual intercourses without having to worry about anything.

Despite of their proven usefulness, some guys just do not prefer using these creams because they experience a very uncomfortable feeling when applying them on their penis. Majority of men are scared to confess to women that are experiencing troubles with their reproductive system. This is especially true for guys who are just starting with recently found relationships or want their significant other to experience the most excellent time with their abilities when it comes to sex. Men who do not like using these creams may opt to use pills for premature ejaculation instead.

There are many various selections for guys who are experiencing ejaculatory issues. Creams that contain safe substances are one of the most excellent methods to stop premature ejaculation. However, if you are someone who is not comfortable with these creams, then taking pills may help. Whichever method that you select, you ought to make sure at all times that the product that you intend to use does not contain harmful substances that can do more harm than good to your body. These harmful ingredients will not only bring about negative side effects, it can also have deteriorating effects that can have an impact to your sex life.

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